Ioana, Monia

Two elegant and charismatic young women, both sitting at a terrasse of a café in Saint Germain, the place where artists meet in the Paris of 2009... Few years ago, both coming from different backgrounds, they became friends, may be at that time everything happened on a misunderstanding; between NYC & Paris, both fashion addicts; they know that all this was actually written and that it was faith. That is why they are now launching an innovative brand concept around the scarf.

Let me introduce you to MOnia and IOana...

Originally from Roumania, Ioana arrived in France when she was 3, at a very early age she discovers the joys of the Parisian life from which she learned to appreciate the "savoir-faire" and the art of french embroidery. It was when she was still very young that she became addicted to what is and feels beautiful, and finally decided to enter the world of fashion. Thanks to her degree from ISEM, Ioana knew that she made the right choice: her passion is and will always be Fashion. From Europe to the US, in order to get her name known within the industry and to acquire more experience, Ioana worked for various famous brands such as Capucine Puerrari, Chloe, IRO and finally LV. Finally back in NY, she decided to launch, with her old school friend Monia, a french-american brand... Moio is born and happy to be!!!

Monia, originally from Tunisia, arrived in Monaco when she was 2. She grew up in this luxurious environment, and after accomplishing her french baccalauréat, moved to Paris. Paris: « la Mode », Fashion it is always about Fashion... Drawings after drawings, she decided to enter ISEM in order to become an expert in this field. Her taste and knowledge for editing and french "savoir-faire" got more defined. After working for Kenzo and Kika in event planning, it was at Cosmo and Elle that she built herself in order to become the perfect editor. Thanks to those experiences, she discovered NYC for which she fell in love, as well as LA, Germany, Sri Lanka, London. Through those experiences, she met incredible but improbable people from which she got inspired. The touch of materials within her hands delights her. After working for a year and a half at Elle, she took the decision to work freelance and became fashion editor for H&K, later on, she rediscovered the press environment at Marie-France and Dealer de Luxe. This is finally when the roads of our two friends met again. Between Paris and NYC, Moio is launched, an innovative concept, a brand to itself, where creativity and inspirations from various backgrounds meet.

"Rendez vous" in September 2010 to see what is to come and know the continuation of this beautiful and exciting story.